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New Year - New Erasmus Program - New country

Bratislava seen from Slavin Monument

 2017 is about new beginnings. Yes, the new year starts therefore we have the opportunity to do all the things we didn't do in 2016. (and yes is already March, so please do not think that I am starting my year only now) I am quite organized (ha ha) and I started in September/October last year to plan my 2017. 

Here it is!

Bratislava - from the UFO :)
First, I moved to Bratislava - a new country for me (Slovakia) and definitely a very new language to learn.  I haven't been in this part of the Europe before  and the Slovak language is an Indo-European language that belongs to the West Slavic languages (thank you Wikipedia) Well.... I speak some languages..... but none related to Slovak. 
Evan if is not the first time when I' am leaving home, I still had to quite my job, prepare for the departure, drop everything that I was doing at the moment back home,  etc. and this time, I will be far for at least 11 months.

 Second - I started a new Erasmus Program :) and  I will be an EVS volunteer. Yes, again a volunteer! :) I will have the chance to travel around Slovakia and work with international volunteers. Yeeey.
I started in 2016 to look for EVS projects and in the end here I am , @INEX Slovakia, but I will tell you more about this in the next posts.

Third, I will be writing in English, (is going to be so much fun) And my mom will be mad on me because she is quite a fan of my blog - maybe the only one - and now I will have to translate it to her.

Danube River and the Apollo Bridge

So, yes! still in Europe, quite close to home. 

The Danube river is like 10 minutes walk to reach it; still have the Carpathian Mountains in this country, and the highest peak is Gerlachovský štít (Gerlach Peak - 2654m) in the High Tatras - 110 m more than Moldoveanu Peak in Romania (2544m). Now I am waiting for the spring and autumn to go hiking.  

I am 45 minutes (by bus) away from Vienna, 4-5h far from Prague or from Krakow. Starting with March there will be direct flights Bratislava- Cluj Napoca in case I will be missing home. And in case I still want to travel more there are other low cost companies from Bratislava, Vienna, or Brno.

And these were only some of the plans for 2017, the rest...... step by step and post by post.
How about your 2017?

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